Don Pfrimmer was the first pro songwriter to give me a chance to write with him back when I was 19 years old. When I sat down with him (on the ugly yellow couch that used to be Chet Atkins in his old Sony office) I just knew one of the two ideas I had we’re going to blow him away!

He listened to the first, thought for a minute and said, “What else ya got?” I threw out out my other idea…he closed his eyes and thought, then said, “Where would you go in the second verse?” I had no answer, so he asked again, “What else ya got?” I said that was all I had and he said, “That’s ok let’s try it again next week.”

I felt defeated and left with my tail between my legs, but I was determined to come back with more ideas, better, and thought through.

Next time we sat down, it went about the same til I threw out idea number four when he closed his eyes, bowed his head, and said, “That’ll work.”

That day taught me when cowriting, come prepared with multiple ideas, thought through. I even like to have uptempo and ballad ideas just to cover whatever mood they may be in .

Me and Pfrimmer have probably written a hundred songs since that day and I had the honor of sitting with him the other night at the ASCAP Country Awards, receiving my 25 Year Membership Award and thanking him for giving me my start.

Don’t forget… a great song usually starts with a great idea.



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